Launch your own creator or community token effortlessly

Create and sell your own creator or community token from one place. Our bonding curve gives value to your tokens, letting you sell them without having to deal with decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools!

Build a DAO, a metaverse, a creator community, or a web3 app.
Turn your vision into a reality

Your Token Brings Your Community Closer

Fill out a form. Create a token.

Create a token without code and without dealing with smart contracts.

Sell your tokens effortlessly.

Share the link to your token landing page to anyone that wants to support you or purchase your token. Simple!

Manage your tokens from one place

Your dashboard lets you manage multiple tokens and handle airdrops through third party tools!

Why Starpad?


Holding fees - 0.02% of total token supply

Transaction Fee - 0.1%-1% transaction fee
(10% of your royalty)

Turn your vision into a reality

First creators get concierge support from us and are eligible for our creator NFTs!